Law Clinic

​​L​​​aw Clinic​

 Soweto law clinic building

The Law Clinic consists of three individual clinics, each headed by a Principal Attorney under the auspices of the director, Mrs N Naidoo.


The Law Clinic celebrates its 39th year of existence in 2020. We are proud of the tradition of serving the poor and indigent community through the provision of free legal services.

All our achievements over the years can only be ascribed to the dedication, and persistence of the law clinic attorneys and past directors, who had to overcome many obstacles to create an awareness of the value of clinical legal education at institutional level. We strive to continue increasing the momentum of the Law Clinic to add even more value to LLB students’ training and learning experience at the Faculty of Law.    


The Law Clinic at the UJ formally opened its doors to the public in February 1981 with 18 students. The former Dean of the Faculty of Law, and member of the MEC of the University of Johannesburg, Professor Patrick O’ Brien, was one of those very first students who rendered free legal service to the community. The main aims of the Law Clinic developed with time and experience gained and eventually, in conjunction with the rendering of free legal services, the training of law students in a clinical environment dealing with live clients became one of its main points of focus. Over the years the Law Clinic also ventured into areas such as Hillbrow.

In the past many community projects such as advice to senior citizens at old age homes, to name but one, had been run successfully and the National Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) – (NDL) had been successfully developed and supervised by the Law Clinic. The core business of the Law Clinic is now two-fold, namely clinical legal education of final year LLB students and providing legal services to those who cannot otherwise afford legal representation and advice.
The structure of the Law Clinic currently consists of three separate clinics, each aiming to serve a specific community with specific needs in terms of the type of access to justice required.
Final year LLB students attend to clients and cases under the supervision of 5 attorneys.
The number of students attending the Law Clinic is on the rise with 165 students in 2007 to more than 300 in 2020.​


The Law Clinic is nationally recognised as one of the leaders in its field and this is mainly due to the endurance, research and studies, canvassing, leadership, vision and hard work of the previous directors of the Clinic.

1981 - 1982       Prof SWJ van der Merwe
1983 - 1985       Mr G Joubert
1986 - 1991       Mr P de Kock
1991 - 2007       Adv E Steenhuisen
2007 - 2019       Mr EJ Hanekom​
2020 - present   Mrs N Naidoo