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The Institute for the Future of Knowledge (IFK) is a cross-disciplinary ecosystem at the University of Johannesburg, devoted to understanding the relationship between what we know and what will happen, for the purpose of improving both. The future is an ancient concern. Recent advances in computational abilities promise improved predictive performance, yet global events have proven to be resiliently unpredictable. The University of Johannesburg established the IFK to further its championing of a future-oriented focus for South Africa and the wider region.

To understand the relationship between knowledge and the future, for the purpose
of improving both.

To be the global authority on conceptually rigorous, contextually grounded and
equitably implemented knowledge about, for and in the future.

Upcoming Events

The journal Philosophy of Medicine, the Department of HPS, Cambridge, and the Institute for the Future of Knowledge, University of Johannesburg bring you a multi-day programme of philosophical discussions responding to COVID-19. There are three events:

10-13 May, Conference: Philosophical Perspectives on COVID-19. More info | Register

The conference programme can be downloaded here
The list of abstracts for the conference can be downloaded here

12 May, Workshop: The Population and the Individual, part of the series Rethinking the Ethics of Vaccination organized by Emma Curran and Stephen John (Cambridge HPS). Register 

13 May, Panel: Philosophy of Medicine on COVID-19. More info | Register


31 May, Webinar: Artificial Intelligence Applied Research at the Perception, Robotics and Intelligent Machines (PRIME), Canada. More info | Register 


27-28 October, Conference: Ethics and Explainability for Responsible Data Science (EE-RDS). More info | Register

Annual Reports

You can find our Annual Report for 2020 here and our First Quarterly Report for 2021 (Jan-Mar) here