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Doctorate in Sociology, Industrial Sociology or in Urban Studies

D Litt et Phil degrees offered in the UJ Department of Sociology

Three different doctoral degrees are offered by the UJ Department of Sociology; (i) DLitt et Phil in Sociology, (ii) Industrial Sociology, and (iii) Urban Studies. 

Doctoral Supervision: The department's senior members offer doctoral supervision across a range of sub-disciplines, leading to a doctorate – a DLitt et Phil – in either Sociology or Industrial Sociology. For their areas of specialisation, please see the last page. Where appropriate, the department will arrange a co-supervisor, either from within the department or from another department within UJ, or, in exceptional cases, from another university. Members of the department also co-operate in inter-disciplinary supervision, leading to the award of a D Litt et Phil.

Doctoral study requirements: 

The minimum requirement for registration as a doctoral student in Sociology or Industrial Sociology is a 70% for an MA degree in Sociology or a subject closely related to Sociology. On completion of their research, students must submit both a thesis that makes an original contribution to their subject and an academic article that is ready for publication. Finally, candidates must sit an oral exam, where knowledge of their field will be tested. Unless they have already done so, all doctoral candidates are expected to undertake the department's advanced course on Social Research Methodology. Applications can be made at Students must upload a 3-5 page concept note outlining their proposed research topic.  

For application procedures, please click on the relevant menu item.

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Further queries not covered above may be sent to the Doctoral Coordinator:
Prof. Ingrid Palmary