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Undergraduate - Public Relations & Communication

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The purpose of this qualification is intended to develop in a student the competence to plan, apply and monitor public relations and communication activities in a variety of contexts.

The curriculum for the National Diploma (Public Relations and Communication) programme consists of 24 semester modules compiled as follows:

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Public Relations 1A&1B 

Introduction to Communication and Practice 1A& 1B

Media and Technology 1A& 1B

Writing for Public Relations 1A&1B

Context Studies A & B 

Public Relations 2A&2B 

Communication and Practice 2A&2B 

Media and Technology 2A&2B

Writing for Public Relations 2A&2B


Public Relations 3A&3B 

Advanced Communication and Practice 3A&3B 

Experiential Training 3