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Strategic Communication - Honours

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Strategic Communication Honours

Frequently asked questions:
Honours FAQ 2020

Purpose: The purpose of the qualification is to equip the learner with the necessary applied knowledge and skills in relation to integrated brand experiences. As such, this module has taken on a holistic approach that will enable the learner to function effectively and efficiently in the adaptive, complex and dynamic industry of Strategic Communication. Subsequently, the focus is on providing foundational knowledge that will be needed to enter the professional world of Strategic Communication.


The curriculum for the Strategic Communication Honours programme consists of 5 year modules and is compiled as follows:


Year modules
Research Essay: Strategic Communication  (SCM8X05)
Strategic Communication (SCM8X06)
Applied Strategic Communication (SCM8X07)
Communication, Media and Society (CMS8X12)
Communication Management (SCM8X04)


If a student intends specialising in a specialist field in which an undergraduate programme was not offered, extended reading and/or an oral examination will be required. Permission may be granted by the head of the department to take an honours module from another department.