Communication Studies (CMS) subjects form a compulsory major for all the undergraduate students in the School of Communication as it is the core theoretical component of their studies. The Department of Communication Studies (CMS) provides students with an opportunity to learn about, explore and conduct research on the theoretical perspectives of the relevant Communication fields. CMS is primarily concerned with verbal and non-verbal communication, and how we as human beings, imbued with our own cultural experiences and expectations, make meaning out of interactions with others, and how we in turn are influenced by those interactions.

This crucial academic foundation both informs and contextualizes the various applied Communication subjects (Journalism, Audiovisual, Corporate and Marketing Communication) in a broader research discipline. CMS can also be taken on postgraduate level (Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees) independently from the applied Communication subjects mentioned above, although all the Honours level students of the applied Communication subjects are required to continue with some CMS components such as Theory and Research Methodology​.  


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