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Trevor Ngwane - Putting Public in Public Services: Research, Action and Equity

Lauren Basson - South African Filmmakers' Identities and Social Change: Making Films and Making Change


The Centre for Social Change conducts interdisciplinary research on social change, and 
NRF logo.jpghas built a reputation for studying social movements, strikes and protests.

It produces high quality, rigorous scholarship for academic and other publications, and actively engages civil society, academics and the wider public in thinking about alternative futures, including possibilities for decolonisation. 

We have a core team, comprising students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers science logo.jpg
based on the University of Johannesburg's Bunting Road Campus, and a network of research associates, collaborators and associates located elsewhere in South Africa and around the world.  

The Centre's director is also the Centre for Social Change. 

Important Notice**

Pretoria Protest Questionnaire

Centre for Social Change requests applications for Post-doctoral Fellowships and Doctoral, MA and Honours bursaries

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