Socio-Economic Survey of Mining Communities in Mpumalanga

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This project is based on a community socio-economic survey of Mpumalanga’s Nkangala District Municipality in collaboration with Glencore South Africa. This research aims to assess the socio-economic conditions of communities living near Glencore’s mine. By doing so, it seeks to understand the challenges these communities face, their needs, and their overall perception of the company’s impact.’’

Additionally, the project involves conducting a census of households within the delineated Zone of Influence (ZOI) of Tailing Storage Facilities (TSFs) to prepare for potential failures. A stratified multistage sampling was conducted, following a similar strategy implemented in the 2014 and 2018 studiesto gather comprehensive data for evidence-informed planning. Technology, specifically ResearchGO, will be employed to manage the survey efficiently. The ResearchGo app is a research tool that administers questionnaires electronically instead of on paper. It enables geofencing, so fieldworkers can only activate surveys in the correct area. Additionally, research has built-in algorithms for quality assurance, allowing the team to identify fieldwork issues in real-time. The project aligns with Glencore’s commitment to social responsibility, regulatory compliance, and human rights.