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​​BA Honours Psychology

​The BA (Hons) Psychology degree is a full-time, academic Honours degree. Completion of this degree allows entry into a Masters programme (additional criteria, such as academic results may be applicable). Please note that the BA (Hons) Psychology degree is a full-time program. Class attendance is mandatory. Entrance into the program is mainly based on academic merit (see entrance criteria and notes below). 

Honours Program: Content and Structure

Course Content and Structure:

The Department of Psychology is offering a Honours programme in Psychology, which we believe combine the best practice internationally and nationally in postgraduate education within the discipline of Psychology. 

The Honours programme consists of ten modules of which five modules will be chosen by the student to complete during their honours year.  Please note that the research module is compulsory.  The programme modules are as follows:  

Research Design and Analysis A

Designing scientific psychological research studies, research ethics, writing of literature study under supervision and the collection of data.

Research Design and Analysis B 

Data analyses and preparing research essay under supervision.

Developmental Psychology

The focus of this module is human development and the psychological processes associated with it.

Abnormal Behaviour

Will deal with issues related to psychopathology

Personality Psychology

This module will deal with theoretical and contemporary issues in the domain of Personality Psychology.

Social Psychology

This module covers two divergent topics:  First social cognition is investigated in a detailed manner and applied to various social psychological issues.  Then intergroup relations theory will be thoroughly investigated and applied to some very practical and contemporary issues in the South African context.

Psychological Assessment

Emphasis is on the theoretical and applied aspects of psychological assessment.

Health Psychology

This module covers the influences that social, behavioral and cultural factors have on health. The principles of health psychology are introduced within the framework of multiple causation of illness.


An exploration of the brain and behavior, with specific emphasis on neurological damage and pathology as well as neuropsychological assessment and interventions.

Therapeutic Psychology

Overview of major modalities of treatment of psychological disorders. Emphasis is placed on historical and cultural contex​​tualization as well as the modalities of change within different treatment approaches.

The Research Design & Analysis A and B modules include a research project that students have to complete over the course of the year. Relevant information regarding this module will be communicated to students with the commencement of the first semester.

Contact Information:

The program coordinator for this program is Dr. P. Basson.  He may be contacted via the following:

Telephone: (011) 559-3675