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From 2021 there will be four different names and four different extended programmes that students can apply for.

Name of programmes:

BA with specialisation in Development Studies

BA with specialisation in Linguistics

BA with specialisation in Linguistics and Language Practice

BA with specialisation in Strategic Communications


Admission requirements:

In addition to the compliance with the legal endorsement for undergraduate degree programmes, prospective students must meet the minimum Admission Points Score (APS) requirements as set out below:



NSC suitable for …

Minimum APS


Bachelor of Arts extended


Degree studies

Between 24 and 26




Duration of programme: 4 years full-time

Contact details: BA Extended Degree Coordinator

Tel: 011 559 2701 / Email:

Brief description of programme:

This is a first formative qualification. A successful student will have acquired the intellectual competencies and practical skills to discuss, problematise and investigate human conduct and interaction, particularly in the South African context.