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The Department of Psychology offers a two-year Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology. The programme, which leads to registration as a counselling psychologist with the Professional Board of Psychology (PBP) of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). It is a full-time degree offered on the Kingsway campus (APK) in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. The language of instruction is English, and this is a contact-tuition programme. Because of coursework and lecture-attendance requirements, you will not be able to hold part-time or full-time employment.

You will be registered as a student psychologist with the HPCSA. The first year consists of coursework, a minor dissertation, and practical placements. The second year requires you to serve as an intern psychologist at an HPCSA-accredited programme or institution. All students must apply for and obtain this accredited internship position themselves. The Department will provide further information about this after you have been successfully selected and enrolled into the MA programme.

To gain entrance to the MA (Counselling Psychology) programme, you have to apply online to the University of Johannesburg AND with the Department of Psychology. This means there are two processes in the application and it is crucial that you do both. Your application will not be processed without these two processes.

Please note you can only apply for either COUNSELLING or CLINICAL – NOT BOTH.


CLOSING DATE:  7 July 2023 @ 12:00pm (midday) – strictly
SELECTION WEEK:14 – 18 August 2023
  1. Complete the online UJ application.
    If you are a new applicant -
    If you are a returning student -
  3. Download the Application Guide, Application Form and the Referee Report (links below).
  5. You must apply for EITHER the Counselling Psychology programme or the Clinical Psychology programme. You cannot apply for BOTH. Please do not make your 1st choice Counselling and your 2nd choice Clinical or vice versa.
  7. The closing date is 7 July 2023 at 12:00 (midday).
  9. The following documents must be included with the Departmental application:
    1. Completed and signed Departmental Application Form;

    2. Please attach the following documents to your Departmental Application:
      i. A certified copy of your academic record and/or current University progress report indicating your marks to date;
      ii. Proof of payment.

    3. Please do not password-protect any documents.

    4. As we receive hundreds of applications, for ease of reference, please label every document you sent to the Department as follows:
      UJ Student number, surname, initials & document name
      e.g. 2024111111 Surname Initials – Academic record
      2024111111 Surname Initials – Proof of payment

  11. Applicants who are still enrolled in an Honours course must provide their provisional results for the first semester for the current year (compulsory), obtained and stamped as an original by the Psychology Department of your university.
  13. TWO referee reports from individuals who are able to comment on your academic and/or professional performance.

    Please note: Reports from the referees should reach the Department of Psychology before 12:00pm (midday) on 7 July 2023. These should be sent by the referees themselves and not by the applicant. No late forms will be accepted.
  15. Compulsory administration fee of R300 (EFT or Direct Bank Deposits only) – non-refundable. This applies to both new and returning students.   NB - Please do not use ANY other or older banking details.
    Using incorrect bank account and/or REFERENCE could result in your application not being processed.

    Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
    Name of Beneficiary: UJ Psychology
    Account Number: 626 158 73149
    Type of Account: Cheque Account
    Branch: Main Street
    Branch Code: 250655
    REFERENCE: 005020.Couns
    (ONLY this reference will be permitted)

Documents to download:


Further enquiries:

  1. For the online UJ application process, please contact the Student Enrollment Centre on 011-559-4555;
  2. Student Enrollment Centre Online Chat:
  3. For departmental application queries (only), please contact
  4. Referee reports must be emailed directly by the Referee to
  5. 5. Student Finance Department:


South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

All international students need to have their qualifications evaluated by SAQA, before applying to the University of Johannesburg for any of the programs on postgraduate level. Please go to  for more information.


Note: Admission into the MA (Counselling Psychology) programme is subject to a selection process. See Application Guide for selection process and selection criteria.


We receive an overwhelming amount of applications each year. As such, some candidates that meet the minimum entry requirements will be declined due to the competitiveness of the course. We also have a limited number of seats to offer in the program. No individual feedback will be given to unsuccessful candidates.


Overview of the course

The MA (Counselling Psychology) degree trains student psychologists in line with the Department’s vision. The training aims to prepare counselling psychologists to be scientist-practitioners who are ethically astute and active critical thinkers. These psychologists must be keen to apply and be aware of community values and must hold multidisciplinary awareness when working. A key consideration is to locate theoretical and practical understandings in an intersectional paradigm. The training has a participatory ethos through which students engage dynamically and practically with facilitators and teachers who aim to incorporate innovative strategies and blended learning opportunities.



The course currently provides the following modules:

  • Therapeutic Psychology: Individual Approaches
  • Therapeutic Psychology: Group Approaches
  • Child and Adolescent Psychopathology and Psychotherapy
  • Psychopathology, Psychodiagnostics and Psychological Assessment
  • Integrated Professional Development

In addition to the above students are required to complete a minor research dissertation.

Practical engagement

Counselling psychology students are involved in providing services to (PsyCAD) or Helen Joseph Hospital, as well as the implementation of community projects.

Disclaimer: Should you not follow the UJ application process correctly, UJ will not be held responsible for incomplete or unprocessed applications.