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Prof Zilibele Mtumane
Have Africans Always Been Non-Believers?

Prof Mcebisi Ndletyana
Public Institutions and Political Culture: Offshoots of Histories and Exigencies of the Moment

Prof Lilly Nortje-Meyer 
Descriptions of Nature and Women as Images of Moral Decline in the Letter of Jude

Prof Ronit Frenkel
Global African Literature

Prof Catherine Botha
Heidegger’s Augenblick and the Ephemerality of Dance

Prof Rafael Winkler
A Reflection on Pleasure and Sexuality in Sade, Freud and beyond

Prof Tanusha Raniga
Economic Experiences and Sustainable Livelihoods of Single Mothers Employed in the Formal Work Sector in Germany and South Africa

Prof Veli Mitova
How to decolonise knowledge without relativism

Prof Ylva Rodny Gumede
Revisiting the role of the news media and journalism in South Africa

Prof Brendon Barnes
Class-based struggle and health behaviour change

Prof Alex Broadbent
Prediction and Medicine

Prof Chris Landsberg
Afro-centric Diplomacy: The Golden Decade 1998-2008 and Pan-African Agency in World Affairs

Prof Jane Duncan
Asks whether SA is a reverting to a repressive state

Prof Kammila Naidoo
Professorial Inauguration

Prof Ashwin Desai
Between the Late Cut and Late Capital: The World and South African cricket

Prof Peter Vale
Home and Away, The internationals and its “Publics”

Prof Marlize Lombard
Human Origins in Southern Africa