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GES applications

The GES 4.0 advert is currently available for applications and the closing date is 31 January 2020:

Postgraduate students and PDRFs have to download the GES 4.0 application form, relevant to them by making use of the following links:

Links to the application form:

Doctoral: http://tiny.cc/4IR-Doctoral-Form

Master’s: http://tiny.cc/4IR-Masters-Form

PDRF: http://tiny.cc/4IR-PDRF-Form

The following links have to be used by postgraduate students and PDRFs to provide demographical information and to submit the typed GES 4.0 application form together with the supporting documents:

Links to the Google form:

Master’s: http://tiny.cc/2020-Masters-GES-4IR

Doctoral: http://tiny.cc/2020-Doctoral-GES-4IR

PDRF: http://tiny.cc/2020-PDRF-GES-4IR

Further communications with regard to applications received and the number of candidates shortlisted by PGS will be forwarded to you immediately after the closing date.

UJ Honours Bursary
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