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Undergraduate Modules

​Politics Undergraduate Degrees

  • ​BA Politics
  • BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics (BA PPE)
​Offered at Auckland Park and Soweto Campuses

Politics Modules offered in BA Politics and BA PPE
(Note that the BA PPE degree – excludes modules PTS2C, PTS2D, PTS3C and PTS3D):
Politics 1A: Introduction to Politics
Term 1: Introduction to Politics
Term 2: Introduction to Political Institutions
Politics 1B: Introduction to International Relations
Term 3: Introduction to International Relations
Term 4: Introduction to International Political Economy
Politics 2A: Comparative Foreign Policy
Term 1: Foreign Policy in Africa
Term 2:  South African Foreign Policy Case Studies
Politics 2B: Political Theory
Term 3: Political Thought
Term 4: Political Ideologies
Politics 2C: South African Politics
Term 1: South Africa’s Transition to Democracy
Term 2: Identity Politics in South Africa: Race, Class and Gender
Politics 2D: Peace and Security Studies
Term 3: Peace and Security: International Institutions
Term 4: International Conflict and Cooperation
Politics 3A: International Political Economy
Term 1 and 2:  Analysing IPE: Power and Conflict
Politics 3B: Modern Political Theory and Comparative Politics
Term 3: Modern and African Political Thought
Term 4: Comparative Politics
Politics 3C: Social Science Methods and Political Society
Politics 3D: International Relations and International Law​