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The Politics of International Political Theory, "Cultural Incomprehension and the Tragic Sense of Life".


FROST, M (Senior Research Associate)The Politics of International Political Theory, "The Ethics of Brexit".
GELDENHUYS, DJ (Emeritus Professor)

Book – The Politics of Persecution.


Book - Global South Powers in Transition: A Comparative Analysis of Mexico and South Africa (Co-editor with Humberto Gonzalez)

SPEARS I, (Senior Research Associate)Believers, Sceptics, and Failures in Conflict Resolution. Palgrave Macmillan.
GRAHAM, S.E (Associate Professor)

Graham, S., 2019. 'A Plurality of Voices? Domestic Sources of South Africa's Foreign Policy.' In South African Foreign Policy Review (Volume 3). 2019. Edited by L Masters and J. van Wyk.  ISBN: 9780798305273, pp. 55-77.


NGANJE, F (Senior Lecturer) Chapter – Southern Africa Foreign Policy Review / HSRC "To Give or Not to Give"- The politics of ambivalence in South Africa's development cooperation.
ISAKHAN B, (Senior Research Associate)Cultural Cleansing and Iconoclasm under the Islamic State: Attacks on Yezidis and Christians and their Heritage. In Oruc, F. (Ed.). Sites of Pluralism: Community Politics in the Middle East (p. 181-194). London: Hurst; New York: Oxford University Press.





GRAHAM, SE and GRAHAM VL (Ass Professors)

S.E Graham and V.L. Graham. 2019. 'Quality Political Participation and the SDGs in African Small Island Developing States." Regions & Cohesion, Vol 9(2), pp 1-30.


GRAHAM, SE (Ass. Prof)

Graham, S (with Sandy Africa), 2019 (December), 'Revisiting International Relations Theory: Discourses from Africa', Studia Europaea, Issue 2, pp. 5-26.


KONDLO, K (Professor)Journal of African Foreign Affairs, "Diplomacy of National Liberation" – the Exiled PAC and the International Community, 1962-1990

VAN WYK, AM (Professor)

With Michael Onderco

A. van Wyk, 'Apartheid's Bomb and Regional Liberation: Cold War Perspectives', Journal of Cold War Studies 12, 1 (April 2019): 151-165. DOI: 10.1162/jcws_a_00955.


M. Onderco and A. van Wyk, 'Birth of a norm champion: How South Africa came to support the NPTs indefinite extension', The Nonproliferation Review (April 2019). 10.1080/10736700.2019.1591771.

NGANJE F, AND D MONYAE Africa Institute of South Africa, "BRICS and Regional Industrialisation in Southern Africa – Partner or Spoiler? The Case of China. Africa Insight, Volume 48 Number 4, Mar 2019, p. 3 - 20

NGANJE F, (Senior Lecturer)

With Kgalalelo Nganje

Fritz Nganje & Kgalalelo Nganje (2019) Liberal internationalism meets third worldism: the politics of international election observation in the DRC's post-war elections, Third World Quarterly, 40:3, 521-541.
ASUELIME T L (Post-doctoral fellow)Journal of African Foreign Affairs, "Ezza and Kwahu-Ewe Land Dispute in Nigeria and Ghana: Unfolding the Road to Peace and Development.
 Journal of Gender, Information and Development in Africa (JGIDA), "Violated by Heritage: African Women and Harmful Traditional Practices.
 Journal of Gender, Information and Development in Africa (JGIDA), "The Quest to Rebalance Human and Capital Migration in SADC
 African Renaissance, "An overview of the State of Electoral Justice in Zimbabwe.
 African Renaissance, "African Renaissance and Pan-Africanism : The Ethical Leadership Nexus.

ADEKOYE, A (Post-doctoral fellow)


Journal of African Foreign Affairs, "An Overview of the Effects of Organized Crime on Southern Africa.
 Journal of African Foreign Affairs, "Nigerians" Migration to the United States of America: A Contemporary Perspective".


Journal of Gender, Information and Development in Africa (JGIDA), "Teaching Unemployment in Mugabe's Zimbabwe: A lesson for the future.@



African Renaissance, "Land Expropriation in Zimbabwe and Its Lessons for Namibia and South Africa.

NDAWANA, E (Student)Small Wars & Insurgencies, Ignore culture in counterinsurgency at your own peril: Rhodesian propaganda warfare during the Zimbabwe war of liberation in Chilonga, Chiredzi South-East of Zimbabwe.
 Education provision in the midst of a crisis: the Zimbabwe experience after 1999.
DARLINGTON, M (Student)Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, "Post-Colonial Violence in Zimbabwe and the Significance of Peacebuilding Premised on Civilian Survival Strategies.
 Strategic Review for Southern Africa, "The centrality of Conflict Transformation in solving Political Struggles and Political Violence in South Sudan.
 African Security Review, "Security sector reform in Zimbabwe: Scrutinising the rationale for police reform.
AFOLABI, O S (Post-doctoral fellow)Taiwan Journal of Democracy an International Journal of Politics, "Political Elites and Anticorruption Campaigns as "Deep" Politics of Democracy.
OMENMA J T (Post-doctoral fellow)Religion and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, 2019, "Untold Story of Boko Haram Insurgency: The Lake Chad Oil and Gas Connection.
 International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies, "Court Adjudications on Pre-Elections Disputes in Young Democracies: The Impact on Electoral Management Body in Nigeria, 1999-2011.
 UNISA Politeia, "Courts' Involvement in the Electoral Process and Their Impact on Improving Election Quality in Nigeria.
MARUMAHOKO S (Post-doctoral fellow)Law Democracy & Development, "Supervision of local government in Zimbabwe: The travails of mayors.
ISAKHAN, B (Senior Research Associate)The International Journal of Press/Politics, "State-Media Consensus on Going to War? Australian Newspapers, Political Elites, and Fighting the Islamic State
 International Journal of Heritage Studies, "UNESCO's project to "Revive the Spirit of Mosul": Iraqi and Syrian opinion on heritage reconstruction after the Islamic State.
 Global Media and Communication, "Perceptions of democracy and the rise of Donald Trump: A framing analysis of Saudi Arabian media.
 The Abbott Government and the Islamic State: An Elitist Foreign Policy Discourse. Australian Journal of Political Science
EKSTEEN, R (Senior Research Associate) Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, "Die uitwerking van binnelandse aangeleente op buitelandse belied, met spesifieke verysing na hedendaagse gebeure in die Verenigde State van Amerika/The effect of domestic affairs on foreign policy, with specific reference to current events in the United States of America.
 Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, "Die rol van die Hoogste Howe van die Verenigde State van Amerika, Suid-Afrika en die Europese Unie in buitenladse aangeleenthede / the Role of the High Courts of the United States of America, South Africa and the European Union in Foreign Affairs.
 Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe, "Brexit se politieke en eknomiiese nagevolge en historiese realiteite / Brexit's political and economic consequences and historical realities.