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Masters Dissertation and Doctoral Theses (since 2001)

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​MA Dissertations / Mini-dissertations 

2001: Biehl, SM. Die Haalbaarheid van Private Staatskepping in die Era van Globalisering (Mini-dissertation) (Supervisor: Prof D Geldenhuys)

2001: Lubisi, SH. Three mini-scenario’s on government performance on crime in South Africa, 1999-2004. (Mini-dissertation) (Supervisor: Prof A Venter)

2002: Pienaar, DJ. Magsbehoud deur Korrupsie en Geweld in Zimbabwe (Mini-dissertation) (Supervisor: Prof D Geldenhuys)

2004: Graham, S. Terrorist Waves and Corresponding Terrorist Groups: A Comparative Analysis of the IRA, FARC and Al Qaeda. (Dissertation) (Supervisor: Prof D 

2004: Graham, V. A Comparison of South Africa’s Quiet Diplomacy towards Nigeria and Zimbabwe. (Cum Laude) (Dissertation) (Supervisor: Dr P Fourie and co-
            supervisor: Prof D Geldenhuys)

2004: Haase, N. South Africa in the African Political Economy: Benevolent or Selfish Hegemon? (Cum Laude) (Dissertation) (Supervisor: Dr P Fourie and co-supervisor: 
           Prof D Geldenhuys)

2004: Zaayman, WH. Political risk in South Africa for Taiwanese investors. (Dissertation) (Supervisor: Prof A Venter)

2005: Neveling, SC. Implementing the Immigration Act: A Cause of or Co-Hindrance to Xenophobia in South Africa. (Dissertation) (Supervisor: Prof Y Sadie)

2006: Abdi, SH. A Comparative Analysis of political risks in Nigeria and Brazil. (Mini-dissertation) (Supervisor: Prof A Venter)

 2006: De Klerk, LM. A Comparison of the HIV and AIDS Policies of ECOWAS AND SADC. (Cum Laude) (Dissertation) (Supervisor: Prof Y Sadie)

2007: Nel, D. Revisiting three political risk forecast models:  An empirical test (Supervisor: Prof A Venter)

2007: Weertman, W.  Desperately seeking FDI:  The impact of globalisation on the State and its devolved entities (cum laude) 

2007:  Langlands, M. An evaluation of the Constitutional Court's contribution towards the attainment of an open society in South Africa (cum laude) (Supervisor: Prof A 

2008: Curtin, C. The politics of global trade:  Why do some developing countries trade more yet earn less?

2008: Jazbhay, A. Toleration and Civil Religion in Locke, Spinoza and Rousseau.

2008: Tyrrell, R. 'Freedom' in America: The Political Thought of Madison, Hamilton, and Jefferson.

2009: Siradag, A. Cooperation between the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) with regard to peacemaking and peacekeeping in Africa. (Dissertation) 
           (Supervisor: Prof. G.C. Olivier)

2009: Omar, A. Borders and States: Territoriality in the Political Thought of the Late Middle Ages. (cum laude)

D Litt et Phil

2005: Adigbuo, ER. Nigeria’s Role Conceptions: The Case of Namibia, 1975-1990. (Promoter: Prof D Geldenhuys)

2005: Fourie, PP. One Burden too Many: Public Policy Making on HIV/AIDS in South Africa, 1982-2004. (Promoter: Prof Y Sadie)

2006: Hussein, MK. 2006. Good Governance and the New Local Government System in Malawi: Challenges and Prospects. (Promoter: Prof Y Sadie)

2006: Mtimkulu, PFG. The key to one party dominance: a comparative analysis of selected states. (Promoter: Prof A Venter)

2009: Van Schalkwyk, DC. A troubled journey: the SA government and the Taxi Recapitalisation Policy 1998-2008. (Promoter: Prof Y Sadie)

2009: Wolmarans, FG. An appraisal of the post 1994 ANC –in- government: an application of the political theory of Michael Oakeshott. (Promoter: Prof A Venter)