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Why study Linguistics?Linguistics is the scientific study of language. In Linguistics we study very interesting topics: Where does language come from? How is language structured? How do we store and access language in our brains? How does a language change over time? How do we use language in the real world? How do we understand one another? And many more ...
Possible Careers include:

·     Education – teaching of English to speakers of other


·     Training;

·     Research and administration;

·     Business Communication and the Public sector;

·     Market Research;

·     Interpreting and Translating;

·     Academic Career.

Majors and elective modules to combine with your major include:Anthropology; Afrikaans, Development Studies; English, French, IsiZulu, Language Practice; Modern Greek; Politics and International Relations; Public Management and Governance; Sepedi and/or Sociology.

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