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Dr Claudia Gastrow

Dr Claudia Gastrow

Lecturer, Department of Anthropology and Development Studies

(PhD, University of Chicago, 2014)



I am a socio-cultural anthropologist with research interests in urban studies, Central and Southern Africa, material culture, anthropology of the state and citizenship, postcolonial theory, and the anthropology of capitalism. I am currently working on a manuscript provisionally entitled Aesthetic Citizenship: Building Post-Conflict Luanda which explores how urban aesthetics became the medium through which understandings and practices of urban citizenship and belonging were negotiated in Angola’s capital city during the country’s post-conflict reconstruction period.



2016.  Aesthetic Dissent: Urban Redevelopment and Political Belonging in Luanda, Angola. Antipode. Forthcoming.

2015. Thinking Futures through the Slum. The Avery Review. September. Issue 9.

2014 “ Vamos Construir ! “ : Revendications Foncières Et Géographie Du Pouvoir À Luanda, Angola” Politique Africaine. No 132: 49 – 72.

Public Anthropology

2016 Design and Temporality: Integration. Cultural Anthropology.  27 June.

2013 Concrete Politics.  2 January. Urban Africa

Zango: Plans Unravel. 11 January. Urban Africa.

2012 China and the expansion of Luanda. 27 September. Urban Africa


Commentary and Analysis

2016 Dos Santos maintains the status quo while suggesting change in Angola. The Conversation. 29 March.

2015 Why the residents of Luanda are asking: Where did all the riches go? The Conversation. 29 October.

2013. The Increasingly Shaky Edifice of Luanda. 8 November. Africa Is a Country.            

2012. Angolan Elections 2012: Beer and Circuses no Longer Enough. 30 August. African Arguments.