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Call for Abstracts (Poverty, Inequality and Social Development)

Poverty and inequality are longstanding social challenges, greatly increased by the global Covid-19 pandemic, and overlaid with other social, economic and political crises, mass population movements, racial injustice, the digital divide, and climate change. This combination of circumstances has had devastating impacts on people’s everyday lives and their livelihoods in different parts of the globe, an impact which is unparalleled in modern history. How governments, societies and social development actors respond to this conjuncture will shape the direction of social development and human development outcomes for years to come. 

Despite significant global advances in societies and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, the poverty and inequality fault lines are unlikely to be redrawn or removed unless bold new and innovative solutions are developed, implemented and evaluated based on the best available scientific knowledge. The 22nd Biennial Conference of the ICSD in 2021 will bring together practitioners, researchers, students, communities, organizations and policy makers to think deeply and carefully about the challenges we face, critically appraise past responses and advance new and novel ways of responding to these difficult challenges. The intention is to promote more inclusive and engaged societies, human rights and further social and economic justice. 

We call for papers that bring together these ideas and actions that are novel solutions to the social challenges of our times. All kinds of innovation will be considered whether they be methodological, social, technological or organizational, are of local relevance, and/or have the potential for large scale replication. Lessons learnt from the adoption and implementation of evidence-based solutions as well as how politics and questions of good governance shape social development outcomes are pertinent to this call. Learning across disciplines and forging partnerships for social change and finding solutions that are contextually appropriate as well as critique of current solutions, are welcome. 

Against this background, we invite abstracts for papers and poster presentations, and proposals for sessions to be presented or convened at the 22nd Biennial Conference of the International Consortium for Social Development under the theme Poverty, Inequality and Social Development Innovations around the World. Deadline for abstract for papers/ session proposal submissions: 30 November 2020 Please submit abstracts to Please note that the conference will most likely be held as a hybrid (in-person and online) conference with the option to move completely online if necessary. 

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