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Inaugural Lectures

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Professorial Inauguration
Professor Brendon Barnes
7 September 2016​​

Professor Alex Broadbent
Prediction and Medicine
2 August 2016​​

Professor Jane Duncan
asks whether SA is a reverting to a repressive state

Professorial Inauguration
Prof Chris Landsberg

Professorial Inauguration
of Kammila Naidoo

Professorial Inauguration
of Aswin Desai

Professorial Inauguration of Prof Peter Vale

Professor Brendon Barnes
Topic: Health, Behaviour and the Psychologization of Resistance

Professor Marné Pienaar
Topic: Wat beteken trou in Afrikaans?
29 April 2013

Professor Anne-Marie Beukes
Topic: Towards understanding translator agency: Policy and practice in South Africa

Professor Zelda Knight
Topic: From the horse-drawn carriage to the iPad: Shifts in psychoanalytic theory and the future in psychoanalysis

Professor David Moore
Topic: Coercion, Consent, and the Construction of Capitalism in Africa

Professor Thea de Wet
Topic In Black and White: Reflections on race, culture and evolution

Prof Thaddeus Metz
Topic: Toward a Theory of Great Meaning in Life