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Prof Hennie Viviers


Prof Hennie Viviers
Faculty of Humanities 
Department of Religion Studies
Professor in Biblical Studies and Religion Studies


BA (UP), BD (UP), DD (UP)

Hennie Viviers is a professor in the Department of Religion Studies at UJ and a former Head of the Department of Biblical Studies (2002-2007). He received his formal training in Theology at the University of Pretoria and specialized in the biblical sciences (Old Testament – poetry, short stories and wisdom literature). Over the years and after many travels to Europe especially, he has developed a wide array of scholarly interests, namely rhetorical approaches to the Bible (including the rhetoric of the “body”), ideology criticism, feminism, eco-feminism and eco-theology. He has lately also developed an interest in the cognitive science of religion.  He has published widely in all these fields, supervised several postgraduates with the same shared interests and makes sure that these acquired insights are also taught in most of the Religion undergraduate courses. He is a great nature lover and he and his family enjoy retreats in the “great outdoors” as often as they can, and in this way he tries to link work (eco-theology) and pleasure in a creative way.​

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