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Dr Maria Frahm-Arp


Dr Maria Frahm-Arp
Faculty of Humanities 
Department of Religion Studies
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


BA BA (Hons), MA (Wits), IDHA (Fordham), PhD (Warwick)

Dr Maria Frahm-Arp completed her PhD at Warwick University in the UK. She is the author of Professional Women in Pentecostal Charismatic Churches in South Africa (2010) and co-editor of Development and Religion from Below: Exploring Religious Spaces in the African State (2010).  She has written several articles and book chapters on Pentecostal Charismatic Christians. In 2010 she participated in a Templeton Foundation Africa wide research project of the Catholic Charismatic movement. Her current research is focused on the ways in which religious women use their faith to make meaning of the work experience. Dr Frahm-Arp has taught at Wits University and St Augustine College of South Africa and is an Anglican (Episcopalian) minister. 

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