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Dr Llewellyn Howes


Dr Llewellyn Howes
Faculty of Humanities 
Department of Religion Studies
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow


B.A. (AFDA), B.Th. (UP), B.Hons. (AFDA), M.A. (UP), M.Th. (UP), Ph.D. (UP)

Dr Llewellyn Howes has degrees in both Film Studies (Production) and Theology, with experience as a lecturer of Ancient Greek and Ancient Hebrew.  He recently received his Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from the University of Pretoria.  As a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for the University of Johannesburg, Howes researches the Sayings Gospel Q, a hypothetical first-century document reconstructed from the canonical gospels of Matthew and Luke with a particular interest in the redaction process and layering of this document.  Some of his other interests include Historical Jesus Studies and Ancient Wisdom.  Howes is a member of the New Testament Society of South Africa, as well as the prestigious Community of Mandela-Rhodes Scholars.  In his spare time, Dr. Howes sits on the board of Scriptorium, a non-profit company aimed at closing the gap between academia and the rest of the world.


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