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Interdisciplinary Gender Conference


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26-28 October 2016:

“Mothering, Community and Care”: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Studies in the Humanities.

The concept mutual-mothering refers to non-maternal care by any group member other than the genetic mother. It involves extended care and can be undertaken by any woman or man or even children in the group. Therefore the concept mutual-mothering undermines mothering as an essential female attribute. It comprises a wide variety of behaviors including but not limited to provisioning, nursing, protecting, educating, mentoring, touching, and carrying. It is not only characteristic of humans, but it is a widespread phenomenon among mammals and birds, and is particularly common among the primate order.

Mutual-mothering as a psychology of relationships and relational development stresses the importance of connection, where the self is not the primary core element but it is the energy of person and group development. A core element namely “growing into connection” refers to the growing sense that a person can represent oneself freely in relationships which hold, sustain and foster the development of all participants in the group. This impacts positively on the expanding network of relationships and to the ways in which individual relationships exist within a whole relational context, especially the South African context.

Proposals are invited which will deal with the following the​mes:

1) Gender Studies in the Humanities with special focus on “Mothering, Community and Care – Person and Group Development”.

2) Methodological and hermeneutical issues specifically relating to feminist and gender studies. In this session we would particularly – but not exclusively – invite proposal that deal with different methodologies and their relevance for gender studies, feminism, Africa and decoloniality.

3) Open call: In this section we invite proposals of young researchers presenting their research from a gender perspective, firmly anchored in clear methodology.

4) “Mothering Salvation? 1 Tm 2:15. Gender and Class in early Christian Household Discourse”.

Send your title and abstract (not exceeding 200 words) by 20 August 2016 to: Prof Lilly Nortjé-Meyer

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