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Congratulations on your graduation!


Clementine Nishimwe, who is currently working as an assistant lecturer in the department, graduated with a doctorate on 19 October 2020. Nishimwe's doctoral thesis titled 'An African Women’s Theology of Relatedness in the Context of Black African Migrant Women in South Africa' will be available on the UJ library website. Nishimwe's doctoral work was supervised by Dr Elina Hankela and Prof Maria Frahm-Arp.

Rev Judy Bassingthwaighte graduated with an Honours degree in Religion Studies on 19 October 2020.

Kabelo Motasa who is a student in our department graduated with a masters degree in biblical studies. His research topic is: Women as Queens on the Periphery of Their Own Reign: Reading the Rain Queen Modjadji-tradition Gender-Critically. Motasa’s work was supervised by Prof SJ Nortje-Meyer.

Rev Karen Uitzinger graduated with a P.H.D. in Biblical and Christian Studies.

Her research topic is: Atonement and Violence: Rethinking the Atonement from a Non-violent Feminine Perspective.

Supervisor: Prof Maria, Frahm-Arp.


Rev Margie Visser graduated with a Masters degree in Biblical Studies.

Her research topic is: "Exploring a Fully Inclusive Feminist Eucharist for South Africa".

Supervisor: Prof Maria, Frahm-Arp.

Cleopatra, Theolaan Thomas and Grace Lesibe graduated with Honours degree in Religion Studies.

Ali Masawudu graduated with a Masters degree in Semitic Languages and Cultures.

His research topic is: "The Use of the Term Mustaḍʿafūn (Marginalized) in the Qur'ān: Critical Readingsof'Alī ibn Ibrāhīm al-Qummī (d. 919) and Muḥammad ibn al-Jarīr al-Ṭabarī (d. 923) from an Islamic Liberation Theology Perspective".

Supervisor: Prof Esack, Farid

Norman Shoko graduated with Masters in Biblical Studies.

His research topic is: "The Resurrection Debate among New Testament Scholars in South Africa: Insights from Social-Scientific Historiography".

Supervisor: Prof SJ Nortje-Meyer

An experience of virtual graduation at UJ

The Graduation took place on Wednesday the 13th of May, and I didn't really know what to expect. As usual, one gets to be excited on reaching such a milestone. The fanfare was not there, though, due to the Coronavirus induced lockdown. So, after I received the link from the University I went online. I basically read through all the information they had posted and proceeded to get access to my Academic record. Once I got to that stage, I managed to download the electronic version of my Academic Record which was confirmation that I had acquired the qualification 

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Achievements and Celebrations

We begin a busy year of 2020 with celebrations!

Neotestamentica, the international (ISI-listed) scholarly journal of the New Testament Society of Southern Africa, published a Festschrift honouring the person and work of Prof Lilly (SJ) Nortjé-Meyer, for her feminist approach to the reading of biblical texts, which includes gender-critical hermeneutics as well as topics like sexuality and homosexuality. Her impact has been felt both in scholarship and society, where she has been a vocal advocate for the liberation of oppressed groups, including women, homosexuals and, more recently, animals. Like her own research, the contributions to Lilly's Festschrift engage New Testament texts critically to promote equality and improve society.