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​​The Department of English at UJ offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Literary Studies in English.  South African literary studies, in particular, are strongly represented, and we have on amongst our staff a number of recognized scholars in this field.  Other strong specialisations include medieval studies, postcolonial studies, life-writing, literary theory and text editing.  Our department boasts three NRF-rated scholars, a vibrant departmental seminar series, and is the home of the prestigious UJ prize for Creative Writing in English.

All of our modules are designed to encourage critical and independent thought, and the development of sophisticated rhetorical skills.  Two courses are offered at first-year level: English 1AB (devoted principally to literary study) and English 1CD (which focuses on academic writing skills).  Both of these allow students access to the second-year and third-year English courses, English 2AB and English 3AB. The normal route for an English major is to enrol for English 1AB and then to proceed to English 2AB and English 3AB. However, students who enrol for English 1CD may also proceed to English 2AB and English 3AB, though this route is less common, and is advisable only where English 1C is a compulsory course, as in the case of students taking a Communication studies degree./p>

English 2AB and English 3AB are both literature courses. Together they provide an overview of all the periods of English literature, and familiarise students with literature from countries other than Britain.  Students who have majored in English may, at the discretion of the chairperson of the department, proceed to postgraduate studies in EnglishQC