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First-year English courses

The Department of English offers two courses at first-year level, English 1AB and English 1CD, both of which allow students access to the second-year and third-year English courses, English 2AB and English 3AB. The normal route for an English major is to enrol for English 1AB and then to proceed to English 2AB and English 3AB. However, students who enrol for English 1CD may also proceed to English 2AB and English 3AB, though this route is less common, and is advisable only where English 1C is a compulsory course, as in the case of students taking a Communication studies degree.

English 1AB

The English 1AB course is a general literature course designed to introduce students to all the major genres of English literary studies.

First semester

  • Module 1: An introduction to literary studies and the short story.
  • Module 2: An introduction to the novel.

Second semester

  • Module 3: An introduction to drama.
  • Module 4: An introduction to poetry.

English 1CD

The English 1CD course is a language and writing course designed to improve students’ writing skills in a range of genres, to increase students’ awareness of language issues, and to facilitate analytical and research skills.

First semester

  • Module 1: Language and comprehension skills development.
  • Module 2: Argumentative and analytical writing skills development.

Second semester

  • Module 3: Development of research skills; language and society.
  • Module 4: Development of analytical skills.

Second-year and third-year English courses

English 2AB

First semester

English 2AB and English 3AB are both literature courses. Together they provide an overview of all the periods of English literature, and familiarise students with literature from countries other than Britain.

  • Module 1:Modern Drama.
  • Module 2: South African Literature.

Second semester

  • Module 3: Eighteenth-century poetry. Romantic poetry. Victorian poetry.
  • Module 4: The nineteenth-century novel.

English 3AB

First semester

  • Module 1: Chaucer; Shakespearean Drama; Renaissance Poetry.
  • Module 2: Modern Poetry.

Second semester

  • Module 3:The Modernist Novel. 
  • Module 4: The Contemporary Novel.