Want to Collaborate?

Want to Collaborate?


We are always keen on collaborations with other top international universities. Don't be shy, and contact us if you are interested in an African University that has the proven skills to deliver projects on time and to specification. We have experts in most main areas of Philosophy: African Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy of Language. We are running collaborative projects on Epistemic Injustice, Experimental Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Medicine.

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Our collaborations across the world

Our international grants

The Geography of Philosophy

PIs: Edouard Machery (Pitt), Stephen Stich (Rutgers), and Clark Barrett (UCLA)

We are the South African team leader of this Templeton-funded project. The project studies diversity in people's conceptions of understanding, wisdom, and knowledge around the world, and seeks to promote cross-cultural research in cognitive science. It includes teams in eight different regions: Eastern Europe, Ecuador, India, Japan, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, and South Korea.

Epistemic Injustice, Reasons, and Agency

PIs: Lubomira Radoilska (Kent) and Veli Mitova (UJ)

The project grapples with the underexplored connections between epistemic injustice and other normative concepts such as reasons and agency.This is a British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship project.

Our international research associates

Name AreaRole

Benjamin Curtis Nottingham Trent University, UK

Metaphysics, bioethicsSenior Research Associate

Bo Jakobsson University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Philosophy of medicineResearch Associate

Helena Malmstrom Uppsala University, Sweden

Philosophy of biologyResearch Associate

Martin Kusch University of Vienna, Austria

Philosophy of science, social epistemology, language, and mindSenior Research Associate

Mathew Mercuri University of Toronto, Canada

Philosophy of epidemiologySenior Research Associate

Neil Pearce Centre for Global non-communicable Disease, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Epidemiology, biostatisticsSenior Research Associate

Carina Maria Schlebusch Uppsala University, Sweden

Evolutionary biologySenior Research Associate

Jacob Stegenga Cambridge University, UK

Medicine, evolutionary biologySenior Research Associate

Jan Paul Vandenbroucke Leiden University, Holland

EpidemiologySenior Research Associate

Sridhar Venkatapuram Kings College London, UK

Global health, human rightsSenior Research Associate

Nancy Cartwright Durham University, UK

Philosophy of scienceSenior Research Associate

Saana Jukola Bielefeld University, Germany

Ethics and philosophy of scienceSenior Research Associate

Pendaran Roberts Warwick University, UK

EpistemologySenior Research Associate

Rebecca Kukla Georgetown University, US

Bioethics, epistemology, feminismSenior Research Associate

Dorothea Gadeke Utrecht University, Holland

Ethics, practical philosophySenior Research Associate

Jonathan Fuller University of Toronto, Canada

Philosophy of science and medicineSenior Research Associate

Adrian Erasmus University of Cambridge, UK

Philosophy of scienceSenior Research Associate

Kirsten Egerstrom Whatcom Community College, US

Life and meaningResearch Associate

Michael Vlerick Tilburg University, Holland

Philosophy of scienceResearch Associate

Micol Bez Paris 8, Paris, and Kingston University, UK

Race and identitySenior Research Associate

John Bewaji The University of the West of Indies at Mona, Jamaica

Aesthetics, epistemologySenior Research Associate

Munamato Chemhuru Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe

EthicsSenior Research Associate

Jonathan Mitchell Manchester University, UK

Philosophy of MindResearch Associate