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For descriptions of the various modules, please consult the Faculty of Humanities Yearbook.

Dr Ben Smart is the Coordinator for Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Philosophy. For queries regarding undergraduate studies in philosophy, please contact him at

Philosophy 1A (FIL1A11/PHL 1AA1): Introduction to Philosophy 1 (Lecturer 2019: Prof Catherine Botha)

Philosophy 1B (FIL1B21/PHL 1BB1): Introduction to Philosophy 2 (Lecturer 2019: Prof. H.P.P. Lotter)


Philosophy 2A (FIL2A11/PHL2AA2)

African Philosophy (Lecturers 2019: Dr Asheel Singh & Mrs Dimpho Takane-Maponya)

Value Theory (Lecturer 2019: Dr Matthias Pauwels)

Philosophy 2B (FIL2B21/PHL 2BB2)

History of Modern Philosophy (Lecturers 2019: Dr Chad Harris & Mrs Dimpho Takane-Maponya)

Metaphysics and Epistemology (Lecturer 2019: Prof. Veli Mitova)


Philosophy 3A (FIL3A11/PHL 3AA3)

Nineteenth Century Philosophy (Lecturer 2019: Dr Asheel Singh)

Twentieth Century Philosophy (Lecturer 2019: Dr. Ben Smart)

Philosophy 3B (FIL3B21/PHL 3BB3)

Philosophy of Science (Lecturer 2019: Dr Ben Smart)

Animal and Environmental Ethics (Lecturer 2019: Prof. H.P.P. Lotter)


Complementary Studies Ethics CPS 3A01 (Lecturer 2019: Mrs Devon Bailey)

Complementary Studies Aesthetics CPS 3A02 (Lecturer 2019: Ms Carien Smith)

Philosophy and the History of Management 1A (Lecturer 2019: Mr David Scholtz)

Optometry Ethics and Jurisprudence 1A (Lecturer 2019: Mr Tony Shabangu)

Business Ethics and Citizenship for Accountants (Lecturers 2019: Ms Micol Bez & Dr Chad Harris)