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Philosophy Postgraduate Students 2018

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Congrats to all our postgrads who completed in 2017!!!

Eyren Wolfe-CooteBotha, CFHonours'An Existentialist Analysis of the Millennial Generation
Gareth GouwsBotha, CFHonours'Foucault and the ars erotica
Vivian NjeruBotha, CFHonours'David Chalmers on Zombies: A Philosophical Investigation
Mikaela SlatteryLötter, HPP Honours'Religious paternalism and individual freedom
Gavin Jacques SchutteSmart, BHonours'Intelligent Design: Sober and Brigandt's Battle
Reneilwe Annah MasulukeWinkler, RHonours'Ubuntu:Authentically Being-with-others
Clarton MangadzaBotha, CFMA (Coursework) Revisiting the Chinese Room: Boden's reply considered
Schalk KayatBotha, CFMA (Dissertation) Authenticity and Language: Considering Heidegger and Sartre
Jessica du Plessis Lötter, HPP MA (Coursework) with DistinctionThe Role of the Environment in Human Flourishing
Katarina BulovicLötter, HPP MA (Dissertation) Is the Global War on Terror just? 
Patrick JakiMetz, TMA (Dissertation) Refugee rights to education
Tony ShabanguMetz, TMA (Coursework) How to Treat Prisoners in Light of Ubuntu
Turkmen TerziMetz, TMA (Coursework) Human Dignity (Fethullah Gulen)
Khanya Siseko QabakaSmart, BMA (Coursework)Analysing the effects of commercialisation in sport
Kala Bopape Winkler, RMA (Coursework) Derrida on Responsibility
Likhwa Ncube Winkler, RMA (Coursework) with DistinctionHegel's Critical Response to Scepticism in the Phenomenology of Spirit
Yolandi CoetserLötter, HPP DLitt et PhilThe Use of Animals in Art: An Ethics for Aesthetics
Conway WaddingtonMetz, T.DLitt et PhilWater Scarcity and Warfare: A Normative Evaluation


Philosophy Postgraduate Students 2018



Gontse J. LebakengBotha, CThe Power-Corruption Link in Politics: A Philosophical Analyses 
Benedict KgosiBotha, C.TBA
Ernest NkomotjeBroadbent, A

The Search for an African Philosophy of Psychiatry:

African Ontology and 'The Mental'

Innocentia FingerHarris, C.Can there be events on necessary connections
David ThusiAsheel Singh 
Morality of  killing non-combatants and the effects of using conventional weapons in a "just war": Non-lethal weapons as a possible solution? 
Tlhogi SwarthleMetz, TCorruption as a Form of Afrophobia by Ubuntu
Abraham TobiMitova, VDecolonization of Science: An Ubuntu Epistemic Approach
Yameen I. MullaSmart, BTBA




Emmanouel ManinakisBotha, CFPornography and Art: A philosophical investigation
Monalisa DladlaBotha, CF(AT) - Heidegger and the Body: Assessing his Contribution to Feminist Thinking on Identity

Graham Dampier


Botha, CFMarx Popper
Dimpho Takane Maponya
Botha, CFA Philosophical Analysis of the history and

inadequacies of contemporary African feminisms

Kelebogile Patience SalaneLötter, H.P.P.Is there a need for Black Feminism in South Africa? An exploration into systematic and intersectional exclusion.

Eyren Wolfe-Coote

Lötter, H.P.P.TBA
Carien SmithMetz, TA New Account of the Absurd
Craig ThruppMetz, TUbuntu and Affirmative Action in sport
Andrew AkpanMetz, TTowards a Plausible Conception of Political Power: Explorations into Ubuntu
Tebogo MarabaWinkler, RA Critical Evaluation of the Theory of Consciousness as the Basis of Phenomenology
Aron SuttnerWinkler, RTraversing the Ethics of Fantasy: Nietzsche, Freud & Lacan 

Chris Isaac


Winkler, RIs freedom of action possible in the phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty?




Devon BaileyBotha, CFThe black African female dancer: An investigation to the somaesthetic and sarkaesthetic dimensions of identity formation and representation
Chadwin HarrisBroadbent, AForecasting, Prediction and Induction: Philosophical Issues Arising from Political and Economic Forecasts
Olaf DammanBroadbent, AEtiological Explanations in Epidemiology
Wesley GeyerBroadbent, AAn analysis and redefinition of health concepts: Theories of health as defined though a process of evolution
Likhwa NcubeBroadbent, AWhat is the Nature of Medicine? An Attempt to Decolonising Medicine
Jane AndersonLötter, H.P.P.Biological Regulation: Dualism Meets Materialism
Taurai KachembereLötter, H.P.P.Ubuntu/Hunhu and Justice as Fairness: Towards a Just Society in Zimbabwe.
Jacques KrielLötter, HPPPhilosophical implications of paleonthological findings
Garikai MadavoLötter, HPPHuman Dignity in Civic Reintegration of Ex-convicts
Austin Moonga MboziLötter, HPPConstructing an African Theory of Global Justice
Katarina BulovicLötter, H.P.P.(AT) - Revising Just War Theory: Towards a More Inclusive Account of Justice
Jessica van Jaarsveld
Lötter, H.P.P.The Role of the Environment in Human Flourishing
Patrick JakiLötter, H.P.P.TBA
Bazil FickMetz, T.A Principle of Respect for Embodiment in Bioethics
Asheel SinghMetz, TLife, Procreation, and Transcendence: Toward an Ethics for the Future of Humanity
Aribiah David AttoeMetz, TA Critical Inquiry into the African Conception of Personhood and the Meaning of Life
Aida Botha Metz, T.Relations between Time Orientation and Social Self-construal: A South African Perspective
Samuel SegunMetz, T
Constructing an Afro-Ethical Framework for Autonomous Intelligent Systems

Tony ShabanguMetz, TThe Implications of Ubuntu for Prison Reform; A close look at relationships and harmony in and out of prison
Danielle SwanepoelMitova, V.A.Rationality and Agency
David ScholtzMitova, V.A.Rationality and Normativity
Grace TomokaWinkler, R(AT) - For The Other and All The Others: Rethinking Responsibility In Levinas's Ethical Politics
Noël LabridyWinkler, RBeing-with: A Philosophical Contemplation of a Fundament of Existence
Vanessa FreerksWinkler, R(AT) - The Power of the False in Jean Baudrillard