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Philosophy Home of Critical Thinking

University Philosophy Rankings by Academic Performance June 2020

UJ Philosophy: #132 worldwide, #2 in Africa, #2 in the Global South, #1 UJ department!
Stellenbosch #130, Johannesburg #132, Cape Town #134, KwaZulu-Natal #184
The only 4 philosophy departments to rank in Africa.

PHILOSOPHY - Home of Critical and Ethical Thinking!

We teach people how to think
  • in a world of info-overload and robot panic
  • in ways relevant to our African context
  • drawing on our diverse identity
  • in three major philosophical traditions - African, Continental, and Analytic

All SA universities have been forced by the coronavirus pandemic to move online.
But UJ is one of the few that has managed this without a big disruption to their university calendar.

1st year and Postgraduate enrolment deadlines extended to noon 30 October 2020
The Online thing explained for 2021 Philosophy applications - updated 18-09-2020

Why Do Philosophy?