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Previous Events 

On the 06th February 2017, the Faculty of Health Sciences hosted a Welcome Breakfast for our first year Orange Carpet students. Orange Carpet is a prestigious group of students that have done exceptionally well in their Grade 12 year and their achievement is celebrated by the Faculty of Health Sciences annually. 

What is the UJ Orange Carpet Rewards Programme?

This campaign has been specially put together for Grade 12 learners that have excelled in the past. It fast-tracks their application to ensure early conditional acceptance into UJ before other learners even get to submit their application forms. And of course there are some VERY special benefits!

    • Your paper-based application fee is waived.
    • An Orange Carpet candidate saves R1 040 by not having to pay registration fee and the ICT levy at registration in January. 
    • The candidate’s first minimum tuition payment at registration is settled by the candidate’s merit bursary which is allocated at the end of April/beginning of May and is based on their AP Score.
    • You will receive a merit bursary according to your APS for the first year of study. The better you do in your Grade 12 results the bigger your merit bursary will be.
    • An APS of more than 42 on your Grade 12 results gives you an extra R5 485 bursary.
    • UJ will give you a R2 000 voucher which you can use to purchase textbooks or towards the purchase of a tablet with one of UJ’s main suppliers.
    • You will be guaranteed accommodation in a UJ residence if you plan to live on campus and have applied to a UJ residence and paid the application fee. 
    • You are eligible for a sport bursary if you have achieved at provincial or a higher level.
    • And many more on-campus benefits like career counselling, somatology specials, invitations to
      exclusive events and into the VIP sections at UJ sporting events!

How to qualify for the Campaign?​​

    • ​​Achieve an APS of 37 or higher in your Grade 11 final report (but not lower than Level 6 in every subject).
    • Maintain the same results in Grade 12.
    • Meet the specific subject requirements for the programme you are interested in.
    • Make sure you apply on time to UJ – the deadline is the end of September 2016.
    • Remember, depending on your AP Score, your Orange Carpet merit bursary may not cover your full first-year tuition fees so candidates need to ensure that they apply for any other funding and NSFAS on time, in their Grade 12 year.
    • Only students who are entering for first time undergraduate studies are eligible for the orange carpet benefits. Students who have already undertaken studies at UJ or elsewhere are not eligible.​

        For more information on the Orange Carpet Benefits click here. 

***This information is subjected to change without prior notice.