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Laser Research Centre

The Laser Research Centre, in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Johannesburg, was established in 2003 under direction of Prof. Heidi Abrahamse in response to a need identified by the National Laser Centre of South Africa to initiate research in the greatly underutilised area of laser-tissue interaction in the medical field in South Africa. 

The Laser Research Group was established to investigate the field of phototherapy with specific emphasis on: Low Intensity Laser Irradiation (LILI) and Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). The therapeutic value of LLLT for wound healing is investigated by establishing biochemical responses and its effects on the metabolic events in cell culture and in organotypic cocultures while PDT requires the use of a photosensitizer that, upon entry into a cancer cell is targeted by laser irradiation to set off a series of events that contribute to cell
death.The group consist of several masters, doctorate and post-doctorate students and collaborates with several other departments and institutions. International acknowledgement of their scientific contribution to the field was reflected when the group hosted the first international World Association of Laser Therapy conference, attended by 190 delegates representing 28 different countries in October 2008 on the African continent.

Opportunities for post-graduate studies in this field exist and more information can be obtained by contacting Prof. Heidi Abrahamse on