​​Faculty of Health Sciences Contacts

Faculty Administration:
TitleNameRoleTelephone NumberOffice No.
​MsRaihaanah Pieterse​Senior Faculty Officer: Postgraduate​+27  11 559 60735108D, John Orr Building, DFC
​MrsBathabile VilakaziHead: Faculty Administration ​

​+27  11 559 6234

5108E, John Orr Building, DFC

Deborah Makola

 Senior Faculty Officer: Exams

​+27  11 559 67065108C, John Orr Building, DFC
Kgaugelo Lephadi  

​Faculty Officer: Undergraduate BCur Nursing

BCU 001
NDip Somatology
BTech Somatology
BTech Podiatry
NDip Homoeopathy
BTech Homoeopathy

​+27 11 559 6223​5108C, John Orr Building, DFC


Elizabeth van der Berg

Faculty Officer
Post Basic Nursing 
BCur ED Et Admin
FNHD-Further National Higher Diploma

+27 11 559 6704

5108C, John Orr Building, DFC
​Ms​Dikeledi Dire

​Senior Faculty Officer

NDip Environmental Health             

NDip Chiropractic

BTech Environmental Health          

BTech Chiropractic

NDip Emergency Medical Care      

BTech Emergency Medical Care

BHS Emergency Medical Care

+27  11 559 60505108C, John Orr Building, DFC
​MrTheo Visser

Faculty Officer:

Bachelor in Optometry                      

NDip Sport Management

NDip Biomedical Technology             

BTech Biomedical Technology

+27  11 559 6705​​5108C, John Orr Building, DFC
​MsPansy Masala

Faculty Officer:

​Bachelor of Radiography

BTech Radiography

+27  11 559 67075108C, John Orr Building, DFC
​Mrs​Thobile Ngwenya Folaranmi

Faculty Officer:

BA Sport Communication                     

BA Sport Psychology

BA Sport Development                         

BA Hons in Biokinetics

BA Hons in Sport Psychology               

BSc Hons in Sport Science

BA Hons in Sport Science              

BCom Hons Sport Management  

+27  11 559 60375108C, John Orr Building, DFC
​Lynette Davids
Reception: Faculty Assistant +27  11 559 69255108C, John Orr Building, DFC

Faculty Marketing:
TitleNameRoleTelOffice No.
MrsNokuthula HlabahlabaMarketing Coordinator+27 11 559 63567304D, John Orr Building, DFC

Faculty Short Learning Programme & Continuing Professional Development:
TitleNameRoleTelOffice No.
MrsDeidre​ Guilo​Manager+27  11 559 6235
+27  11 559 6075​
6109A, John Orr Building, DFC
​Mr​Mduduzi Nzuza​Administrative Assistant​+27 11 559 6075​6108,  John Orr Building, DFC

Faculty Information​
Tel: +27  11 559 6925 ​
E-mail: web-healthscience@uj.ac.za​ 

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