​About Us

We strive to be the Leading Nursing Department in Southern Africa and to be recognised internationally, by offering nursing programmes that advance freedom, democracy, equity and human dignity as high ideals of humanity through producing competent practitioners, distinguished scholarship, excellence in teaching, learning and assessment, reputable research and innovation and through putting intellectual capital to work.

Mission Statement

The Nursing Department will pursue its vision by:

  • Striving towards excellence in nursing education, research and community engagement in symbiotic relationship with one another and other health professionals.
  • Developing competent nursing practitioners to meet the diverse and rapidly changing health needs of the South African society. These practitioners will reflect lifelong learning skills, career management skills, and professional and personal empowerment to be internationally competitive
  • Reputable and innovative research that is guided by the priority of health needs of the South African Society. The scientific knowledge generated by the research process will firstly be integrated in the learning content of the programme and secondly, its utilisation in practice will facilitate evidence-based, best practice.
  • Developing communities through quality nursing education, research and partnerships with the community.​
​Pursuing two niche areas, namely:

  • The under- and postgraduate clinical programmes, enriched by professional nursing science in order to provide for the health needs of South Africans.
  • Distinguished scholarship (teaching of research, conducting research and disseminating research findings nationally and internationally)​