​MCom (Investment Management)

The purpose of this qualification is for the student to develop applied competence in the mastering, interpretation, reflecting on and application of principles in the broader field of finance. Through the master's dissertation, a qualifying student shows evidence of scientific research, application of scientific research methodologies and an ability to reflect thereon in the holistic context of finance.

A potential student must be in possession of an Investment Management oriented Bachelors of Commerce Honours qualification on New NQF level 8/Old NQF level 7. Alternatively a student should possess any other four-year qualification with honours status on New NQF level 8/Old NQF level 7 and have related investment management oriented experience which is deemed applicable by the Department of Finance and Investment Management. Finalisation of registration for the programme (and/or continued registration) is subject to applicants complying with departmental-specific requirements.  Such requirements usually include preparatory work leading up to a research proposal that is approved by the department.  Possible examples of preparatory work are pre-reading, literature reviews, concept development, and successful completion of short courses aimed at skills and/or knowledge development.   Candidates may also be required to successfully defend their research proposals at special discussion sessions. The research proposal should be presented to a panel convened by the Department of Finance and Investment Management for this purpose.

A dissertation on an approved topic has to be successfully completed. The Academic Regulations for master's qualifications are applicable.

For more information contact: dfiminfo@uj.ac.za