Extended B.COM (Economics and Econometrics) Degree
1. National Senior Certificate (NSC) – 2008 and after
The minimum admission requirement for a bachelor’s degree is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the higher education institution as certified by Umalusi, coupled with an achievement rating of 4 or better in four subjects from the designated 20-credit subject list. (Government Notice, No. 751, 11 July 2008)
The following are specific minimum admission requirements in respect of extended Baccalaureus Commercii and Bachelor of Commerce degree studies in the Faculty.

* If a rating of 4 or more is obtained for the Other Recognised Language and/or Mathematics, then ratings of 4 or more are required for fewer designated subjects from group B, in order to meet the 4X4 bachelor’s degree requirement.
** The performance rating for another subject taken instead of the Other Recognised Language is the same as indicated for the Other Recognised Language.
*** English is required with a rating of 4 or more either as the Language of Learning and Teaching or the Other Recognised Language
**** The rating for Life Orientation is divided by 2 when calculating the APS.

Note 1: Meeting the Faculty’s minimum requirements for a particular program does not necessarily guarantee admission to that program. Specific selection criteria may be applied within the required Enrolment Management Plan.

Note 2: The first year of study comprises foundational modules. The second, third and fourth years are the same as the first, second and third years of study of the regular degree.

Note 3: It is compulsory for applicants to have completed the NBT prior to registration.

2. Senior Certificate (SC) – Prior to 2008

Admission requirements for candidates who completed the Senior Certificate
  • A grade 12 certificate on NQF level 4 with exemption; conditional exemption or age exemption
  • Grade 12 Mathematics (No specific symbol nor a pass in the subject is required
  • English First Language (HG) 50% (D symbol) or English Second Language (HG) 60% (C symbol)
  • M-score of 10
3.​ National Certificate (Vocational) NC(V) – From 2007
Admission requirements for candidates who completed the National Certificate (Vocational)
 4. Selection criteria
Selection is based on academic merit and the availability of places and hence may entail the use of additional criteria/requirements.
5. Additional selection criteria
The applicant must be a previously educationally and/or socially disadvantaged student, profiled within the relevant policy framework/guidelines of the University.
Applicants may also be required to write a placement/aptitude test to evaluate their learning potential for the relevant extended curriculum program/s.
Due to enrolment constraints only a predetermined number of students will be admitted to an Extended Baccalaureus Commercii or/and Extended Bachelor of Commerce program. Hence other selection criteria may be applied.
B.Com extended degrees provide alternative access for applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements to enter a regular B.Com program at the University of Johannesburg.
The minimum study period for each of the above extended program is four years. The foundation (first) year of study comprises foundational modules (New / Old NQF level 5), whilst the remaining three years are the same as that of the corresponding regular degree program.
The three B.Com Extended Degrees (in Accounting, Economics and Econometrics and Finance) are aimed at access for success in terms of their foundational provision, i.e. in providing alternative access in the fields of Accounting, Economics and Econometrics. Students and Finance are given foundational provision covering relevant academic skills together with subject-related themes, required to facilitate learning in the regular modules of B.Com degree programs. The combination of foundational modules enables students to develop a comprehensive perspective and effective strategies for adjusting to, and meeting the demands of, the higher education environment with the aim of being successful in the chosen B.Com program.


* MAEB311 or MAEB0A1 and MAEB322 or MAEB0B1 are couplet modules.
Note 1:   The 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of study in the extended degree will be the same as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of study in the relevant regular degree.

Note 2:   The qualification is only offered in English.
The promotion of extended degree students, to each subsequent academic year of an extended B.Com degree follows generally the same rules pertaining to students of a regular B.Com degree. However, all foundational modules must be completed within the first 2 years of study, failing which; a student will not be permitted to proceed any further in the programme. A student, with any foundational module outstanding will not be allowed to enrol for 2nd year regular degree modules.