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The entry requirements for the Advance Diploma in Economies are a Diploma, National Diploma or BTech with Economics as a major up to 3rd year level (with an average of 55% for Economics 3 AND an overall average of 55% for the relevant qualification AND a minimum APS score of 4 for Mathematics). Students with an APS score below 4 for Mathematics or with Grade 12 Mathematic Literacy will only be considered after successful completion of the Mathematics for Diploma students module offered by the Faculty of Science to all second and third year National Diploma students interested in pursuing further studies at the University of Johannesburg. 


The purpose of the Advance Diploma is to broaden and deepen the knowledge, understanding, insight and skills with the aim of further learning in Economics. The programme is designed to prepare the student for the job market by providing them with the tools for the correct interpretation and understanding of the economy on a microeconomic and macroeconomic level, within a framework of the business environment.