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Phumzile Ncube


​​Phumzile Ncube



  • PhD candidate at the University of Johannesburg. She is a holder of a PhD scholarship issued under the South African Chair Research Chair in Industrial Development. 
  • Researcher at the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED) between 2014 and 2016. Her main research focus is around regional value chains, agro-processing and industrial development. 
  • Masters in Economic Development at the University of Johannesburg 
  • BEconSci (Honours) from the University of the Witwatersrand 
  • BCom degree from Rhodes University. 

  • Ncube, P., Roberts, S. & Zengeni, T. (2016) Development of the animal feed to poultry value chain across Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. 2016/2. Helsinki: UNU-WIDER.
  • Ncube, P. Nkhonjera, M. Paremoer, T. and Zengeni, T. (2016). Competition, barriers to entry and inclusive growth: Agro-processing. CCRED Working Paper 2016/3
  • Fessehaie, J, das Nair, R., Ncube, P. and Roberts, S. (2015). Growth promotion through industrial strategies – a study of Zambia. CCRED Working Paper 2015/6
  • Ncube, P., Roberts, S. and Vilakazi, T. (2015). Study of Competition in the Road Freight Sector in the SADC Region - Case Study of Fertilizer Transport and Trading in Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi. CCRED Working Paper 2015/3
  • Pons-Vignon, N. and Ncube, P. (editors). (2012). Confronting finance: Mobilizing the 99% for economic and social progress. Geneva. International Labour Organisation