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Postgraduate School of Engineering Management

Engineering Management is specialized form of management that provides core intellectual concepts in marketing, finance, business law and management. Representing a combination of engineering skill and business knowledge that are required to cultivate innovative solutions to complex business problems. What are we about Engineering Management Outlined

The University Of Johannesburg’s Engineering Management program exists since 1996 and presents four master’s programs and two doctoral programs. The master’s programs make provision for two programs with course work and two research programs. The programs with course work only differ in their titles and entry requirements. The titles of the course work programs are M Eng. (Engineering Management) and M Phil. (Engineering Management). The entry requirement for M Eng. (EM) is that a candidate must at least have a B Eng or BSc Eng degree and an average of 65 to be enrolled for the program, for entry into the MPhil degree a saqa NQF level (8) is required equivalent to a BTech degree with at least 1 year practical relevant experience. The course work programs (CWP) consist of six compulsory courses which a candidate must successfully complete before being allowed to start with the research component of the programs, which contribute a 50% weight in terms of course credits. The research component entails research on a self-selected and approved area of Engineering Management under the supervision of suitably qualified study leader which then culminates in a mini dissertation that is externally examined.

The Post Graduate School of Engineering Managements Objective:

  • The Graduate to technically demonstrate adeptness in engineering science 
  • The Graduate to have the ability to construct collective effort with in a group 
  • The Graduate to have the ability apply analytical thought to a management process 

Career Opportunities

Engineering Management opens prospects to the following professional sectors: product development, manufacturing, construction, design engineering, industrial engineering, technology, production, or any other field that employs personnel who perform an engineering function.​​

Post Graduate School of Engineering Management 2020 Brochure

Post Graduate School of Engineering Management Staff

Head of School
Prof Jan-Harm Pretorius

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Ms Nkhensani Ngobeni
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