Frequently Asked Questions



Question: Your application was declined on both 1st and 2nd choices based on grade 11 results. Your final grade 12 results improved, and now you want to know whether you can apply with new results.
Answer: Access the UJ mobi-site (see "How to" below).


Question: You were upgrading your results and want to submit your upgraded marks.
Answer: Submit an enquiry via the UJ Mobi Site Late Enquiry system OR you will be requested to send in your upgraded results if necessary.


Question: You were trying to log an enquiry on mobi-site and got a message, "no possible qualifications are available. Thank you for your enquiry."
Answer: It means there are no courses available that you qualify to apply for.


Question: You were accepted and now you want to change your qualification.
Answer: Access the UJ mobi-site, however note that this is still subject to space availability and you will forfeit space for the initial qualification you were accepted in.


Question: You have been accepted at UJ, what is the next step.
Answer: Log on to the UJ website and check the registration information.


Question: You are provisionally selected (waiting list), when will you know the outcome.
Answer: The University will inform you via SMS and email when a space opens up and you are fully admitted. You will be notified if your application was declined.


Question: You want to check the status of your application.
Answer: You can check the status/outcome of your application and download the corresponding letter by using the following link



  • Log on to the UJ website, click on the banner "Late Enquiries" and follow the instructions.