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Current Postgraduate Research Students


Gary Hager.jpg Gary Hager

Research Title: Printmaking as a learning tool to teach life skills in a Johannesburg high school art classroom

Supervisors: Prof. Kim Berman & Vedant Nanackchand
​​Hillary Keegan.jpgHilary Keegan 

Research Title:
Deconstructing representations of profane womanhood in Snow White and Red Shoes and specific works by Paula Rego and Diane Victor

Supervisors: Prof. Karen 
Von Veh & Shonisani Netshia

Muziwandile Gigaba.jpg Muziwandile Gigaba 

Research Title:
 Anthropomorphism and therianthropism in the art works of Nandipha Mntambo and Colbert Mashile

Supervisors: Prof. Brenda Schmahmann & Prof. Kim Berman

Colleen Winter.JPG Colleen Winter 

Research Title:
 Making as ritual: an exploration and development of a personal iconography

Supervisors: Gordon Froud & Bronwen Findlay

Ilka.jpgIlka van Schalkwyk

Research Title: The Synaesthetic Artist: Manifestations of synaesthesia in selected artworks

Supervisors: David Paton & Gordon Froud

​​​​Barry.jpgBarry Van Der Westhuizen 

Research Title: Artist as Cartographer: a visual and semiotic analysis of map-based artworks

Supervisors: Prof. Kim Berman & David Paton 
11703041_466840723476475_2239825007906294940_n (a).jpgMatthew Hazell 

Research Title: Relational choreography as a means of negotiating white masculinities within, and through the work of selected white male South African artists

Supervisors: Prof. Leora Farber, Prof Shona Hunter (UK) & Shonisani Netshia
Jana O'Grady 

Research Title: Distortion to reflection: An auto-ethnographic and artistic exploration 

Supervisors: Dr. Ruth Lipschitz & Prof. Kim Berman 

Amalia Beagle

Research Title: Creative interventions: An integrated arts pedagogical approach in the Workplace Preparation classroom

Supervisors: Prof. Kim Berman

Samuel Oyebode 

Research Title: Yoruba Adire. Signs as a method of communication in contemporary African art practice

Supervisors: Prof. Anitra Nettleton

John Generalis 

Research Title: Hybrid Nation versus Hyper-Nation. A consideration of multi–hybrids and ‘hybrid vigour’ as creative strategies in the work of selected artists.

Supervisors: Prof. Karen Von Veh & Bronwen Findlay

Roxy Kaczmarek 

Research Title: The role of selected emerging Johannesburg printmaking collectives in reframing the traditional model of printmaking through concept and scope of practice.

Supervisors: Supervisors: Kim Berman & Vedant Nanackchand

Nicole Jade Booyse

Research Title: Painting in the Post-Internet condition: An analysis of the work of selected contemporary
South African painters

Supervisors: David Paton & Marc Edwards

Kiveshan Thumbiran

Research Title: Concepts of dystopia in contemporary South African art 

Supervisors:   Prof. Brenda Schmahman & Minnette Vári

Jean Bollweg 

Research Title: Accessibility in sequential graphic narratives for Westbury - the story of a anti-apartheid activist Florence Daniels

Supervisors: Brenden Grey & Alexander Opper. 

Allen Laing.jpg
Allen Laing 

Research Title: Fictional worlds and characters in Fook Island: an exemplar for art practice 

Supervisors: David Paton & Prof. Brenda Schmahman


Roxy.jpg Roxanne Do Rego 

Research Title: Re-conceptualising South African femininities: Parodies of mythologies in the works of Diane Victor, Minette Vari, Nandipha Mntambo and Tracy Rose 

Supervisor: Prof. Brenda Schmahmann
Thabang_b.jpgThabang Monoa

Research Title: The exploration of Blackness in Afrofuturist aesthetics: foregrounding a dialectic

Supervisor: Prof. Brenda Schmahmann

JAYNE.pngJayne Crawshay-Hall 

Research Title: Reconceptualising curatorial strategies and roles: Autonomous curating in Johannesburg between 2007 and 2016

Supervisor: Prof. Brenda Schmahmann

Philippa Sweden.jpg Philippa Hobbs

Research Title: Ideology, imagery and female agency in tapestry at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Art and Craft Centre, Rorke’s Drift, during the Swedish period 1961-1976   

Supervisor: Prof. Brenda Schmahmann

Profile pic J_Lucking.JPGJacky Lucking

Research Title: Online street style identities of selected South African youth

Prof. Brenda Schmahmann
Dalene Human.jpg
Delene Human

Research Title: Censorship and proscription of the visual arts during apartheid South Africa

Supervisor: Prof. Brenda Schmahmann

Amy-Louise Shelver.jpg
Amy-Louise Shelver

Research Title: Initiating township art programmes alongside museums/ memorials in South Africa

Supervisor: Prof. Brenda Schmahmann