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The Department of Visual Art's vision is: 

         "to remain on the cutting edge of Visual Arts practice and maintain constant contact with the pulse of Joburg"

To this end we are committed to: 

  • Redressing access to visual arts education​
  • Providing a diverse range of academic, technological and practice-based teaching, learning and research in the visual arts
  • Leading, challenging, creating and exploring knowledge in the visual arts and associated industries
  • Engaging in the issues surrounding South African culture and identity in the visual arts arena​
  • ​​Forming partnerships between the visual arts and campus communities
  • ​​Enabling students to confidently embark on a career in the visual arts

We value:

  •  Academic excellence

  •  Freedom of expression with responsibility within that freedom

  •  A willingness to make strategic change when and where necessary

  •  An ethos of consultation

  •  As diverse a community of students as possible

  •  Innovative research, conceptualisation and the practice of art creation

  •  Respectful relationships between staff and student bodies

  •  A transparent and open academic environment

  •  The strengths of a diverse staff body and support the development  of the staffs' academic and artistic careers

  •  Transformation and community engagement