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HIDDEN LIFE: 20 years of painting 1990 – 2010

Solo exhibition by Clare Menck

7 – 19 January 2013

This travelling exhibition presents a comprehensive review of the work of Clare Menck spanning the past 20 years. Although her work includes traditional genres like still life, platteland landscapes with dwellings, and figures (clothed and nude), every intimate take on these deceptively domestic scenes is surprisingly unique as an expression of her personal approach to the documentation of her own "hidden life". To add to this highly idiosyncratic exploration of her life throughout her work, the works themselves are more often than not small-in-scale oil paintings.  The exhibition was made possible by Sanlam and is accompanied by a superbly illustrated catalogue.



Solo exhibition by Michael Meyersfeld

6 – 27 February 2013

This fine art photography exhibition by renowned this photographer encompasses three sections:  “Urban Disquiet”, “Bent” and “Observance”.

“Urban Disquiet” comprises a series of urban images, the landscape of today where love, danger, greed and nihilism weave the tapestry of this society, while “Bent” – the street series – represents the further chaos of the city. “Observance” links the three themes. This collection - including symbolism, sacrifice, edifice, memorial worship, contemplation, reflection, pilgrimage and idolatry - explores man’s celebration of rituals and customs.  It ponders whether the act or practice of observing or complying with a law, custom, command or rule ensures a world free of discord and chaos.



Solo exhibition by Majak Bredell

6 – 27 March 2013

A magnificent artwork, a paper scroll (18.30m long by1.53m high), was created by Bredell to vindicate the lives that were destroyed during the many centuries of the European Witch Persecutions. From the 1100s to the 1700s Europeans engaged in a systematic and furious assault on men, women, and even children believed to be witches. ROLL CALL is a symbolic restoration of the integrity of their bodies — no longer broken and burned — but whole.  The scroll will be accompanied by other works paying homage to modern voices that dared critique and speak up/out on issues of religion, women, and the body, free from fear of being burned for their views



Solo exhibition by Yannis Generalis

10 – 24 April 2013

Generalis considers the tension and contradiction of flying as a metaphor for proximity and separation in a faltering socio-political redefinition of the polis.  The mere consideration of flight for humanity marks the beginning of abstract thought and civilisation. The instinctual understanding of the concept determines the very need to challenge the rules of nature and certainly the laws of convention. Mechanical flight became the quilting point for every composition and re-composition of class; a gauge determining status quo. Winged flight was considered the province of the immortals, cathartic enviable motion.  The thrilling danger of take-off, the bliss of being air-borne, tearing through an invisible atmosphere: Freedom! Arriving at a forbidden “domestic arrival” without passport control or xenophobic neurosis.



Group exhibition curated by Gordon Froud

8 – 29 May 2013


Following on the success of the Leonard Cohen Altarpiece exhibition that travelled the country, Froud curates another group show based on the life and lyrics of the acclaimed songwriter, poet and musician – Tom Waits. Artists have worked on LP sized disks (30cm in diameter) to produce a remarkable variety of works. This show of over 100 pieces in a huge range of mediums that opens at KKNK moves to UJ Art Gallery directly after which it will travel the country. This will again prove to be an exciting and stimulating show that pays homage to one of the great visual storytellers of our time.



Solo exhibition by Craig Müller

5 - 26 June 2013

Müller, currently living in the Gauteng Metropolis as well as in a small KZN town, considers it his duty to observe experience and then reflect, express and hopefully impress. He endeavours to philosophise, illustrate and challenge all within his frame of reference without prejudice, culminating in a diverse representation due to the random visitations to fields of experience. His work includes mechanical attributes with a similarity to observations of the physical world as well as any deterministic theory or a venture into chaos which might interact with this world, a closed system and a hope for exit. He presently focuses on non-reproducible processes i.e. directly on canvas, paper or by combining and joining metals and wood. His work influences itself, by creating forms, entities and techniques new to him. He then re-uses, revisits and improves.     



July 2013



Solo exhibition with highlights of the past two years 

6 – 27 August 2013

Johann Louw’s first solo exhibition at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery will feature new paintings and highlights of work produced over a two year period.  Following on from the success of Louw’s mid-career survey exhibition which toured numerous institutions countrywide from 2007 – 2009, and subsequent critically acclaimed exhibitions, this new body of work produced in South Africa and France includes monumental paintings, intimate studies, large-scale drawings and prints.

The exhibition contains significant stylistic and conceptual departures for the artist. Within this selection unanticipated subjects and unfamiliar content reinforces an element of surprise that underpins the jarring, intensely emotive and psychologically-charged narratives of the new works. 



Solo exhibition by Christiaan Diedericks 

4 – 23 September 2013

Diedericks’ exhibition will be an ongoing investigation of the artist’s interest in dystopia and more specifically his own personal, often uncomfortable, (dis)position in the world especially in terms of gender, masculinity, patriarchy and gender ecology.  Time and space appear to dissolve in his work resulting in an air of conflict.  This is often a direct result of a personal aim to calm and disturb at the same time - drawing parallels between the two extremes of utopia and dystopia. He presents contemporary issues as timeless by situating his vocabulary of images and themes in an organic flux of dreams, history, news, commercial detritus, hyper-reality, and unvoiced feelings and forces of biological nature/desire.



Interruptions Group Exhibition

Saturday 5 October - 12 October 2013



Group exhibition

23 October – 13 November 2013

The first South African National Portrait Award sponsored by Sanlam Private Investments and initiated by the Rust-en-Vrede Gallery in Durbanville, will be on show in the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery from 23 October until 13 November 2013. An adjudication panel selection of approximately 40 works from the entries received will be on display. Only one prize of R 100,000 will be awarded to the best portrait in any medium with exception of “lens-based” productions.  The challenge to artists is not only to grapple with the peculiar difficulties of portraiture but to engage with the very concept itself. The country wide tour of this exhibition is made possible by Sanlam Ltd.

Go to for more information –entries close 19 August 2013.