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Life More Abundant: A Drum Retrospective

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The exhibition Life More Abundant: A Drum Retrospective commemorates the 60th anniversary of Drum magazine.

Life More Abundantfeatures a random selection of spreads from the magazine from the mid-seventies, the period roughly from the June 16 uprising to the end of that decade.

The exhibition is titled Life More Abundant because Drum dealt with both the pressing issues of the day and the panoply of life through the apartheid period. It chronicled the harsh realities of life under apartheid, while providing a canvas for generations of black talent excluded from mainstream South Africa. Politicians, community leaders, columnists, journalists, photographers, playwrights, artists, singers, showbiz personalities, sportsmen and women and, of course, gangsters, prostitutes and pimps were all part of the rich passing parade. 

This exhibition opens a window on life on the other side of the tracks during the apartheid seventies. It is equally a design showcase. All these spreads, many reaching back some 35 years, were designed before the advent of computers. They were quite revolutionary for their time and they still hold up today. What took days to produce back then can now be done on computers in a matter of minutes and ‘strippers’, who spent years as apprentices, have been replaced by anyone who can afford a computer and some software. 

The spreads in this exhibition are the work of Tony Sutton who went on to become one of the world’s leading publication designers. He is based in Toronto.

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