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​​The FADA Gallery hosts a number of exhibitions throughout the year. The gallery not only features work of artists but is also used to showcase the work of designers.

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Please note that the FADA Gallery is situated on the Bunting Road Campus (in between Egoli Gas and the SABC).

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Learning departs from what is known. On the journey documented here, words spoken by particular master weavers, beadwork makers, potters and painters, each situated in a particular cultural landscape, are leading to successful learning ideas for the rural high school.

‘It’s been here all along!’ exclaimed a Mathematics teacher, beading needle in hand, as she looked closely at the sophisticated geometric pattern of a beaded ubeshwana, a traditional beaded Zulu apron. ‘Why didn’t we see it before?

South Africa is at the forefront of digital and creative development.  The Exhibition Agents of 3D Revolution will showcased South African and International 3D sculptural design as well as introducing the public to the machinery used to create 3D design and technology.


The posthumous retrospective exhibition of Monty Sack’s architectural and fine art practice at the University of Johannesburg’s FADA Gallery, affords a unique educational and public engagement with one of Jo​hannesburg’s foremost modernist architects. Typical of the modernist movement was the interrelationship of architecture, art, design and lifestyle; a sensibility overlooked today by much of the postmodern and derivative work that has followed since. Monty Sack’s architectural schemes integrated works by the likes of equally important modernist fine artist’s like Edoardo Villa and Cecil Skotnes. The exhibition was running from 23 May until 20 June 2013.

Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) in partnership with the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ FADA), University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) and Gauteng Provincial Government celebrates the region. The GCRO competition gave students and staff from all tertiary institutions in Gauteng the opportunity to present their perceptions of the Gauteng City-Region (GCR) through photography and stand a chance to win superb prizes to the value of R15 000. The purpose was to allow residents of the GCR to express their perceptions of their city-region and realise their imaginaries in a creative way. Over 600 entries were entered into the competition from across Gauteng. The judges were the renowned photographers Jodi Bieber and Roger Ballen and the chief curator of the Hector Pietersen Museum, Khwezi Gule. The judges were responsible for selecting images to exhibit and the five prize-winning photographs which resulted into 62 finalists. The title of the exhibition ‘Portraits of a City-Region’, is an illustration of the Gauteng City-Region as a place we interact with a strong ‘personality’ of its own and one with which we are constantly engaged in building relationships with.

The opening of the exhibition showcasing perceptions of the Gauteng City-Region through the eyes of its students and staff was held at the UJ FADA Gallery on 17 April 2013. Guests gathered for the awards ceremony of the competition and over 200 people attended. Drinks and delightful food were served, and guests enjoyed listening to beautiful melodies from Lu Flur which was the Alternative Harp and Vocal Duo that served as entertainment for the night. It was pleasurable watching the guests watch the live Twitter stream which was projected on the FADA building. All guests that attended were encouraged to join in and interact with the discussions about the exhibition. This was effective and captivated the audience throughout the evening.

As anticipation grew, the Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Professor Federico Freschi welcomed everyone: “Photography offers the tantalising possibility of seeing the world through someone else’s eyes”, said Prof Federico Freschi. This resonates powerfully with the theme of this competition that asked students from the Gauteng region to engage with the question of how they see their city. Then came the announcement of the winners from 5th to 1st prize. They were as follows:

Fifth place winner/most promising photographer award: Martin Bolton
Fourth place winner: Thato Nkoane
Third place winner: Irene Lambrianos
Second place winner: Jenna-Lee Ferrer
Grand prize winner: Blaq Smith
It was extremely interesting to see the Gauteng region through the eyes of others. The images brought to life the cultures, adventures and diversity that our city holds. All those who entered the competition did outstandingly well, three of the winners are from UJ and they did the faculty proud.