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Ceramics Alumni UJ (11 - 25 August 2010)

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The end of an era (1966-2010)

This exhibition celebrates the end of an era in ceramic education at the University of Johannesburg. The exhibition of work by UJ ceramic alumni showcases that the output in this sector remains creative and dynamic.

Up until 1966 when the Ceramic Diploma was first introduced at the Art School, ceramics was offered only as modules within other courses. Since then the Ceramic Department has trained many of South Africa’s most renowned potters, ceramists, studio ceramists, ceramic artists and ceramic designers.  Many of these graduates have won the most coveted ceramic award in the country. Last year Nicolene Swanepoel and John Shirley were honoured with the First and Second Prize respectively in the Ceramics Southern Africa National Exhibition. John Shirley also went on to represent South Africa as a finalist at the International Ceramics Awards Exhibition held in Korea.

In light of the Ceramic Department’s long standing contribution to our national ceramic art, design and craft sector, it is fitting to host an exhibition of ceramic works in the FADA Gallery to honour the Ceramic Department, Staff and its alumni

The exhibition also showcases ceramic works from its permanent collection.

Ceramic Design has a small but significant collection of prominent ceramists including fine examples of the late Nesta and Thembi Nala (silver award winner FNB Vita Craft Now 1998).

The exhibition will be opened by Eugene Hön on 11 August at 6pm and will run until 25 August 2010.


Transgressions and boundaries of the page (14 - 23 July 2010)

The group exhibition Transgressions and boundaries of the page, forms part of a creative project and transdisciplinary investigation into the artist’s book and practice-based research.

The project entails the involvement of approximately 40 artists (visual arts, creative writing, as well as related fields of architecture and language technology) in creating artist’s books.

Participants in the project include well known artists and writers such as Strijdom van der Merwe, Diane Victor, Jan van der Merwe, Fanie Viljoen, Stephan Erasmus, Leora Farber, Flip Hattingh, David Paton, Gordon Froud, Roela Hattingh, Kabous and Hannes Meiring, Ian Marley, Rosalind Cleaver, Richardt Strydom and Jaco Burger, Paul Schutte, Leon de Villiers, Franci Greyling andLouisemarie Combrink.

The exibition demonstrates that artists’s books are the ideal medium for artists from different disciplines to be involved in playful exploration and discovery of the possibilities of the book.  The variety of books will definitely invite visitors to discover and rediscover the boundaries of the book.

A community focus forms part of the project, involving diverse groups in activities regarding story telling, creative writing and bookmaking. Two of these projects are the Tambani project (Venda) and Karos & Kambro (Promosa).

Website:​ or click here for more information


These high resolution digital colour images of the stadiums are printed on archival matte paper and are mostly panoramic format. As a counterpoint the exhibition will include large composite analogue images of plants, printed on traditional fibre based paper.
Leon Krige is also a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Architecture, has photographed and captured the buildings and structures for the past 30 years. He started photographing buildings in Johannesburg for conservation, including the Colosseum Theatre and Escom House, in 1983 and moved on to night photography in 1986. Over Leon’s career, his photographic work has been included in a number of publications and exhibitions.​

Anyone intersted in purchasing one of the limited prints exhibited should send an email to laurenk@u​​