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The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is situated in the metropolis of Johannesburg and is one of the dynamic Jewellery hubs of South Africa. The state of the art facilities combined with the expertise of the lecturing staff makes the UJ Department of Jewellery Design a premier setting to study towards a career in the Jewellery industry. The department’s aim is to cultivate broad based skills associated with jewellery entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged​ to develop a range of competencies which enables them to achieve their full creative potential.

The diploma programme incorporates Jewellery Practice that includes Jewellery Design, Drawing and Manufacturing Techniques. Other key areas of study include Gemmology, Technology, Contextual Studies and Design Management. The B Tech programme offers more advanced levels of competencies in Jewellery Practice and Jewellery Theory that prepares students for the Jewellery Industry and or post graduate research at a Masters Level. The staff are highly qualified to facilitate the student’s learning experience to prepare them adequately for the next level of development. The Department promotes a dual focus on commercial and high-end fine jewellery with an emphasis on conceptual design.

Background: Jewellery Design and Manufacture

South Africa is rich in natural resources such as gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones and therefore there is a high demand in jewellery. The Jewellery Design and Manufacture courses offer broad skills required by the jewellery manufacturing industry that range from artistic jewellery and custom-designed or handcrafted jewellery to mass-produced commercial jewellery.

The Jewellery Design Department is committed to being the leading driver of advanced computer aided design and manufacturing technology in the industry.

Click here to watch a short video on Jewellery Design at the University of Johannesburg. The video shows aspects that are covered in the course and the facilities in the Department.​​