Degree BA (Interior Design)


The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design is to develop and prepare students for entry into a career in interior design or into postgraduate studies, by enabling them to apply integrated knowledge and conceptual thinking skills to innovatively solve a range of interior design problems. This programme will equip students with a thorough foundation in the knowledge of design practice and theory, to conduct design criticism and research

Admission requirements

The following minimum admission requirements must be met:
A National Senior Certificate with requirements as outlined below


A grade 12 School Certificate on NQF level 4, with university endorsement and an M-score of 12, and at least a D symbol for English First Language, Higher Grade; or a C symbol for English Second Language, Higher Grade; or a B symbol for English, Standard Grade


An equivalent qualification at an equivalent standard as determined by a Status Committee. A National Certificate (Vocational) would not be considered.

First Year Registration
The Degree programme (BACHELOR ARTIUM: INTERIOR DESIGN) commenced in 2016 in our department.
Programme code: B8BA6Q
HEQF Level: 7
Credits: 360
Programme structure:
a)  Minimum duration: Three years formal instruction.
b)  The programme is offered full-time only.
c)  All modules are compulsory.
d)  Maximum number of modules per year of study:

  • First year: 7 (1 first semester, 1 second semester; 5 year modules)
  • Second year: 7 (1 first semester, 1 second semester; 5 year modules)
  • Third year:  4 (1 first semester, 3 year modules)