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Undergraduate Programme

Graphic Design (B8BA1Q)

Communication designers are creative thinkers and problem solvers who use a range of design methods, processes and techniques to create professional communication designs, such as posters, books, magazines, corporate identity programmes, packaging and web sites, both individually and as members of teams.

The Department of Graphic Design offers a Bachelor of Arts in Design specialising in Communication Design. The Department’s facilities include a number of studios and a centrally located Apple Macintosh computer studio.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will be able to enter a communication design career by working in design studios, marketing consultancies, branding and advertising agencies, and for newspapers, magazines and book publishers as: 

  • Graphic and communication designers 
  • Art directors
  • Typographic designers
  • Layout artists
  • Illustrators

In addition, employment can be found as an in-house designer for companies or state-supported institutions, or graduates can choose to freelance or start their own graphic design business.